View Full Version : Revolution Across America!!!!!

Cal Mabus
01-15-2008, 10:19 AM
Does anyone remember the nations call to wipe out hunger and homelessness?

"Hands Across America," could now be "Revolution Across America!"

Can we do this? If Ron Paul is polling 10% across America wouldn't that would be approx. 29 million hands joining & signs waving across America for the cause of liberty and showing American citizens there is a real revolution going on!

There needs to be an official route established from east coast to the west coast with several routes from the north and south all linking up and joining hands. Line up every major interstate in the country!

The date and time. Perhaps Feb 2nd, Saturday before Super Duper Tuesday. Or even after the primary.
And a Trevor Lyman grassroots video blitz.

Here is what happened in the 80's.

What say the Revolution?