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The AUricle
01-14-2008, 10:19 PM
What are WE going to do?.....an idea


Originally Posted by traitorist
Fox News removed that part of the debate for one reason only, because they can. They control the airwaves and will do anything they damn well please...

because THEY CAN.

it's just us seeing their use and abuse of the power that they have been afforded. out in plain view now for the world to see. nothing more and nothing less.

question is, what are WE going to do about it?

..OK, how about this. I know many of us have emailed Fox or threatened them with boycotts of their shows/sponsors etc. THEY pretty much don't give a shit about what we think or say, but......

What if WE ALL write to EACH of the other candidates, asking(or demanding) that THEY DEMAND that Fox stop this absurd behaviour towards one of their own.....and further, that if they don't issue a PUBLIC STATEMENT against this unprofessional and baised treatment of Dr Paul (specifically citing the S.C debate) that in the event that Ron Paul is not the Rep. Nominee, then we will not vote for ANY of the other Repub. Candidates!

Maybe we're applying pressure to the wrong point!?

(Remember, there are a SHITLOAD of US who they would ALL LOVE to count as votes, that they KNOW they do not have right now!) If they even THOUGHT we'd support 'em this could fly.
Let's see if ANY of them has the backbone to STAND for SOMETHING......and if they don't, well WE will just have to go public and use it AGAINST THEM!....I'm not sayin'...but I'm jus SAYIN??