View Full Version : the harsh reality is...

01-13-2008, 10:21 PM
the harsh reality is that we are no better than the generation before us. the harsh reality is......that we are actually in a civil war. We should be proud of ourselves, we will be remembered as the first generation that has fought a war without blodshed. our country has been overtaken by bureaucrat's and elitists in washington. the United states has been overthrown and enslaved to a tyranical rule using the mainstream media. think about it, we can go tell our friends and faimly "hey over here, look man were controlled by the mainstream media and the elites an bankrupting you and me and its SO easy to see but the people are in a zomby state so too speak, they are ENSLAVED to their press, no longer can we fight a war by uniting the country and alerting by word of mouth that we must be ready for the enemy to attack, this is the first war that has needed no violence to solve disagreements between enemys. we are making history and we will be wrote about in textbooks and read by every 22 year old plysci major in the world. we are fighting a civil war of opposing factions, you have the elitists and the establishment against the common man. the problem is with regard as to who will gain power. and the "war" is fought at the voting booth. both teams are fighting one another in every form of the word, yet everyone is blind to the clear fight. the actual battle is convincing the people in the middle who they want to run the show. if we may not see it now we sure will later, the vaults of historical knowledge will surely entail this.