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01-13-2008, 08:18 PM
so... yep... I get a shit ton of chain letter spam from a few people I know and each message they send me has like 300 people on there so then I got the bright idea to make a letter to send to them all. They're pretty old so I want to avoid old people subjects like social security and stuff but still include how financially responsible he is. Here's what I whipped up real quick and if you guys can improve or give me a new one I'll love you forever. Thanks.

The current state of America is in a disastrous state and I urge all of you to forward this message to everyone you know. Dr. Ron Paul may be the last chance to restore the country to the state our forefathers intended it to be.

Please visit www.ronpaul2008.com and at least read through his stance on the issues. I cannot give him justice in the short message to all of you and I will instead give a VERY brief overview of his past and ideology and what sets him apart from all other candidates in the presidential race.

*Ron Paul served as an OB/GYN doctor much of his life and understands the current health care state and believes 100% that a free market health care system and little to no government involvement is the way to go.

*Dr. Paul has served 10 terms as a house representative in Texas and has THE most consistent voting record, republican, democrat or other. He has been nicknamed "Dr. No" for his strict interpretation on the constitution.

*Dr. Paul understands the current state of our economy and is the most fiscally conservative candidate. Dr. Paul wishes to abolish many wasteful government policies and wishes to eliminate income tax and replace it with NOTHING.

*Dr. Paul is for a strong national defence but opposed the war in Iraq since day one. Dr. Paul understands "Blowback", the result of an American Empire. Dr. Paul believes that the reason for Afghanistan's unforgivable actions on 9/11 we're partially caused by American occupation.
(Think about it. How would we feel if China came to America and told us how to live our lives? Why wouldn't the same idea apply to Iraq or Afghanistan?)

Please, PLEASE look into Ron Paul as your candidate of choice in both the primaries and the general election. Ron Paul is the champion of the constitution and is willing to fight for your liberties blatantly stated in the constitution but have been stripped away from a corrupt government such as the Patriot Act, the suspension of Habeas Corpus and regulation of the Internet.