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01-13-2008, 04:57 PM
I have a bunch of huge pieces of vinyl from old billboards. I am planning on hanging these on bridges over freeways around here. Just looking for some good ideas for painting on these.

All Seeing Eye
01-14-2008, 06:02 PM
I have a bunch of huge pieces of vinyl from old billboards. I am planning on hanging these on bridges over freeways around here. Just looking for some good ideas for painting on these.

This is from Kevin Hayden on the Facebook discussion board:

Today I saw a ton of blue RP signs today in my area. For at least a mile. That seems like it would be a good thing, and to a small degree it might be. But I think it's very ineffective, if not a little annoying. I know all campaigns have these signs...that doesn't matter. Fuck them too. Let me give you an example.

Let's say I have no clue who Ron Paul is. I don't know what his policies are. I've not been paying attention to the debates. Now lets say I see a big blue sign that says "Ron Paul for President". ...Why should I give a shit? It's a name. Nothing more.

It's essentially spam in real life.

Why not "VOTE RON PAUL OR THE WAR WON'T END" or something like that. The campaign has put out the weakest shit imaginable. Look at the slogan. "Hope For America". Are you kidding me? What puppet candidate ISN'T talking about "hope" or "change"? What good does it do to make RP seem exactly like them to the untrained eye? We have a candidate who is completely different from everyone running...and his signs make him look exactly the same as the rest.

Then there's the blimp...you guys raised a ton of money for a blimp...and what got put on it? "GOOGLE RON PAUL" / "WHO IS RON PAUL?"

Joe Six Pack says: "...NO! HAW HAW!" or "I DON'T CARE! HAW HAW!"

Now if the blimp said something like "Stop Voting For Puppets! Vote Ron Paul" or "What America Used To Stand For!" or "THE WAR IS OVER (if you vote for Ron Paul)" I think more people would be curious. It's just ridiculous that we have a big guerilla marketing force...and we're putting out the same bland stuff that every limp-dicked city councilman does. Only larger and in greater quantity.

I love all of you, but I think we need to tease the message a little more instead of just spamming the man's name. Too many people in this country don't know what the fuck is really going on. Instead of promoting Ron Paul, promote what the people don't know. When they wake up to that, they won't be able to vote for anyone but Paul. The idea of voting for someone who will give them more of the same will be a joke.

But people don't know these things, so they write RP off as being nuts. I'm just saying, that's what I'm seeing here. Stone me if you want, but I calls em how I see em... and the only RP stuff I've ever seen in my town has been those standard signs.

I highly recommend this as a potentially brilliant strategy.

Time to start telling the truth people...


Most of us knew that the problems existed BEFORE we found Ron Paul, probably ALL of us saw that something was very wrong before he chose to run for President. He doesn't get our support because we like HIS message, we support him because he will take OUR message to the White House.

TELL EVERYBODY ELSE THE MESSAGE. For them to understand why Ron Paul is important, they MUST understand that the problems EXIST in the first place. The message simply MUST come first.


01-16-2008, 11:10 PM
I was thinking of making a sign similar to this:



Maybe it will help get attention, and give more credibility to an "end the war" sign.

Maybe a sign to reveal the corrupt candidates:


Maybe add OpenSecrets.org too. In California the sign could have Feinsten and Pelosi as well.

Another one would be to appeal to the people's slight awareness of the economic problems (http://video.google.com/url?docid=2588860308084209137&esrc=sr2&ev=v&len=545&q=david%2Bwalker&srcurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D I-16u9x3tfE&vidurl=%2Fvideoplay%3Fdocid%3D2588860308084209137% 26q%3Ddavid%2Bwalker%26total%3D1494%26start%3D0%26 num%3D10%26so%3D0%26type%3Dsearch%26plindex%3D1&usg=AL29H20Q70_rNoSj0KLj1-hC6gd_20Iaeg):


Or something to that effect.

What are some good cheap ways to make some signs? Painting or markers? Brush or spray? I can't seem to find any good sites on this topic.