View Full Version : WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!!!....i'm not

01-13-2008, 03:04 PM
I think HQ needs to understand that issues are important, but they are not really the thing that makes people choose a candidate. When we vote, we are making a statement about who WE are - or more accurately, who we WANT to be.

Fox News is very successful because they make their viewers believe they are part of an insurgent group of tough guys that aren't afraid to tell-it-like-it-is and won't back down from a fight. The reason they hate Ron Paul is because they believe he's a mamby-pamby quitter that wants to give up and let the bad guy terrorists win. It's all complete bullshit, of course, but they've created this story line that they believe and that is why they hate Ron Paul. They portray him in that way, and the sheep buy into it. With a story like that, who wouldn't enjoy attacking and marginalizing the "bad guy" candidate?

Ron Paul does a very good job of explaining the issues and those of us who actually take the time to read and learn about them are die-hard supporters. But we need to face the fact that the other 90% of the population isn't going to put forth that much effort.

So HQ needs to QUICKLY figure out a way of creating an IMAGE that they can market to the public. One that makes people want to vote for RP because it means that by voting for Ron Paul, they become part of that image. It's a common and effective marketing strategy. For example, people don't spend $65K on a Hummer because they need one. They buy a Hummer because it makes them into a bad-ass.

The Ron Paul campaign has loads of material it could use to create a kick-ass IMAGE for what it means YOU ARE if you vote for Dr. Paul. If anyone knows someone in HQ, can you please convey the message? Thanks.