View Full Version : Trust the RP Plan

01-13-2008, 11:54 AM
Many of you have lots of questions as to what plans HQ has to win this election.

See a quote below from another posting.

"I have to admit I don't get RP's plan at all. He needs a victory (not a second or third place, an actual victory) prior to Super Tuesday... Can anyone explain what the plan is???"

We are talking about the Man we are trying desperatly to get elected. The mainsteam is aginst him and us. He really needs to keep his hand VERY close to his chest because he is probably being probed more than any candidate. Too much information right now, even to us, his supporters would allow the othErs to counter attack BEFORE he can get traction.

We trust him to be President.... Let's give him the trust he so desperatly needs now.

Remember, he keeps telling us he is in for the long haul, not neccessarly each battle - I personally think his strategy is the Presidency. If he knows election history like he does economics, world history, etc. - I really thinks he knows how to do this.

When playing chess, it does not matter who has the most pieces when you get check-mate. I've won many games with fewer pieces.