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New York For Paul
01-13-2008, 11:26 AM
Many Vietnam Veterans are Against McCain

The Question Ron Paul Supporters need to ask John McCain.

_By Ted Sampley_ (http://usvetdsp.com/sampbio.htm)
U.S. Veteran Dispatch
January 12, 2008

When I read this week in the online Cedar Rapids Gazette that Senator John
McCain had on the campaign trail in Iowa raised the issue of the deployment of
his son, Marine Corporal Jimmy McCain, to Iraq, I realized it's time for
some "straight talk" from the Senator about 2 spy satellite images.

Senator McCain, with the critically important South Carolina Primary only
days away, I ask you this hypothetical question:

"What, if you become President, would you do if your son Jimmy
was reported missing in action and you were informed that a U.S. spy satellite
passing over Iraq had photographed a military distress
code message in the desert that correlated to Jimmy?"

I ask this because, during your "investigation" of missing American
servicemen in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in 1991-1993, you ridiculed a similar
satellite photo taken in 1988 that showed what Department of Defense (DOD)
experts testified was a valid, classified United States military Pilot Distress code
in a dry rice paddy in Sam Neua Province, Laos.

According to DOD documents cited in the 2007 New York Times bestseller - An
Enormous Crime - those DOD experts testified that each of the letters in the
"USA" were 12 feet tall and together the 3 letters stretched 37 feet across
the dry paddy, and the highly classified "Walking K" Escape and Evasion symbol
beneath the "USA" was 24 feet tall and 19 feet across. DOD experts told you
that this "USA Walking K" pilot distress code "must be considered valid until
proven otherwise."

Despite the expert testimony - and the fact that roughly 90 independent
intelligence sources had reported the presence of American POWs in Sam Neua
Province after the Vietnam War; that a radio intercept had told of US POWs in the
province; and that a different satellite photo - also taken in 1988 - had
shown the name of a US pilot laid out beside a trail near where the "USA Walking
K" was seen in the rice paddy - despite all that you declared at the time and
later in your 2002 memoir - Worth The Fighting For - that the "USA Walking
K" pilot distress code was not a plea for rescue as the DOD experts said, but
instead was "a young Laotian boy's handiwork that he had copied off an

Really, really cute, Senator!

Having observed how you so callously abandoned missing American servicemen
(my son's grandfather, Green Beret SFC Robert D. Owen included) to a lifetime
of captivity in Southeast Asia during your 1991-1993 "investigation," I,
along with many other POW/MIA family members, fear that you may similarly abandon
more brave Americans if you are elected President.

So I ask you now, Senator McCain - before the election - how would you handle
a similar distress code message from the Iraqi desert (especially if it
pertained to Jimmy McCain)? Would you callously blow it off as nothing more than
the handiwork of a young Iraqi boy or...?

Link to the article: _http://usvetdsp.com/jan08/questions_mccain.htm_
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New York For Paul
01-13-2008, 11:27 AM
Question for McCain.

01-13-2008, 11:30 AM
i love lamp

01-13-2008, 12:57 PM
also ask him why he thinks all Arabs are in Al Qaeda.