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ken locke
01-13-2008, 06:13 AM
Offering our Ground Blimp :)


We want to help as much as we can....
The truck and trailer is still dressed up with all the banners and signs,stickers. It proved its self well on the road during our Ron Paul Riders support team.
We have share Ron's message with many since we came home , road signs put up. Super sign bomb in Cashiers ,NC to Sylva, NC 20

We would like to be on the road more, and are ready to start today, but we have our family responsibilities at home too.

Most important our children.
, this is a moment in history that all is on the line, they need to learn and understand how their country is protected and reclaimed though non violent means, and how important Our Constitution is, so we will bring them with us, whole family agrees excellent life/learning experience.
We as a family support Ron Paul and his word and message, and as a family will serve as a family, that is a powerful statement.
We believe, us helping and serving in such manner, will awake thousands of other families out there to do the same.

We would help Ron Paul across the United States,

A great advertising idea/strategy is the states are in a order in which the primaries are held and debates scheduled. my truck/trailer is available, being well covered with banner,signs,etc, to roll the roads and locations , stop as we did on the Ron Paul Riders journey and hand out thousands of slim jims , get people registered, yard signs planted, stickers on cars, buttons .....Interviews for You Tube ( we learned so much a few weeks ago).
Also re modify my truck camper top, in which my flat screen TV can be installed, and have Ron Paul videos running.
We enjoy photography,and are working on a slide show of our journey as the supprt team for the Mike Maresco/Ron Paul Riders, from West Point,Ga to Washington DC , We would like to be a news reporter team for Ron, giving him another avenue to get his word out .

and use the bicycles for additional ground support at debates primaries,etc.

We hope you will share this with all and Ron, You have a blimp and Now have the offer of a Mobile Ground Blimp

If the champaign can use this help, let us know.


Ken Locke and Shirley Kendrick and Family
828 293 5323 home

"We The People have called upon the Constitution to protect us, Now. The Constitution calls upon We the People to protect it."

Ron Paul President 2008 Hope for America