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01-12-2008, 10:17 AM
hello fellow RP supporters,
the war has just started,few battles have been fought,but no matter how hard MSM and the establishment tries,u cannot give up this fight.
so much is at stake.
individual freedom,economy,and peace for the world.
i think who ever is feeling down,due to the not so good (rigged) results,it just means, v have to fight harder.
do u think,the neocons wd easily let go of their hold on the govt?they wd do everything they can-ignoring Dr.Paul, slandering, mocking;
but seeing him on this latest debate, gave me a ray of hope,Dr. Paul is turning up the heat.he is not given enough questions and time to respond,but whenever he speaks-its a class apart.
the rest of the posers who r trying hard as hell to imitate his words,are still easily beaten by him.
remember the words he said about the lip service that others are giving to the constitution?it was amazing -and so was his comment on his being "inelectable"
he gave such a fitting reply, that Faux had to edit it!!
i am amazed,
i am hopeful
u people in america, the grassroots, u cannot give up
double ur efforts, treble ur efforts, do what u can
go door to door, b polite, b sensible like our leader is
i call him "our" leader,bcoz i wd love to have such a person in every country-a true people's leader, a patriot
i m from india, and i have total apathy towards elections in my country,
bcoz i know voting for any party is just the same-they just fill their pockets, thats all
when i saw the turn the US govt took after 9-11,i became slowly interested in whats going on in ur country.
what i saw,wasnt good,
i dont think i have a right to comment on whats wrong,
but when i saw Ron Paul, i became hooked and have been following the debates very closely
every morning i first search YT for any new videos related to RP.
i think,RP's victory isnt only necessary for americans but for the citizens of the world in general.
though India is not yet on US hit list,but considering how much harm has been done in Afghanistan and Iraq to the common, innocent people, is bewildering.
you people always remember,u are not only fighting for your rights and freedoms, u are fighting for the people of the world-think of those innocent lives u can save,if v r able to make RP the President
u cannot give up, u should not give up
America has always been the leader, its time now for the real patriots in America to show that they are the real leaders of the world
u have to show, that u can end this madness,
u have to take back ur country
its never easy for any revolution
it was not easy to get freedom
it would be more difficult now, but u have to do it
if u wont, then who will ?
get out,
meet people,
tell them what RP stands for
but please be polite, sensible, calm-just like RP
u donot know, the wishes of how many people from different parts of the world are with u
but trust me, their wont be any dearth of our well wishes for ur effort
just dont give up
keep fighting

i want to suggest some things, and if u ppl think,it makes sense,then please do it
1)in debates, i think RP should be more active-like he was in the latest one, and try to interrupt the stupid comments of others-and answer those issue questions which he is not directly asked- in the latest debate, i think he didnt directly answered on Pakistan and Immigration-or maybe i didnt c that part (?)
2)when all others try to corner him, and drown his voice- i think he shd take them one by one,rather than being subdued by them-like, he shd tell the moderator that he will answer them one by one.i am sure,on a one-on-one debate,no poser wd stand a chance-all their smirks, giggles and comments against him will vanish.
-sometimes i think, he answers the questions in too short-and maybe for the ordinary Joe/Jane - they may not see the relation between an issue and its root cause.i hope he is given enough time to elaborate what he means,
(if u think this is ok,please send the word to the HQ-if they get enough mails,maybe they will ponder over it)
3)grassroots people shd increase their efforts to go out and meet people-door to door. find a RP supporter in a locality, then take him/her to meet their neighbours-and then extend this.i think people wd give a better response to someone they have seen,rather to a stranger.take your laptops/DVD players and show then the videos of RP-the latest video released by the campaign from the debate, is about 11 mins, and seems to have the gist of his messages,and there is no dearth of such compilations on YT
4)i read somewhere of a plan to take mobiles with cameras to the polling stations and take a snap of ur voter id and ur vote, so that later u have some proof of how many votes RP got.spread the word,if this plan seems plausible
5)is there a way to get into Frank "F*** You" Luntz's fake groups posing as Romney or Mike supporters?i see that RP supporters can b eveywhere- anderson cooper, radisson hotel and where not.i think with some research on how he gets the groups, some RP supporters can get in and have some fun :-) . he thinks he can fool us; v know better.

i just wrote what came to my mind, maybe u people are already doing these things
if these comments are useful to get even one more vote,i will b satisfied.
wake up as many people as you can.
and dont give up
its on ur shoulders to free the world from tyranny
if America is lost, the whole world will follow
u have a big task to do
when u feel down, see this video on YT
it always peps me up, hope it works for you
all the best to us

Ron Paul
Hope for the World

01-12-2008, 12:33 PM
Thank you!!!

We are doing the best we can

01-12-2008, 01:10 PM
Glad to know we have international allies.

01-12-2008, 01:26 PM
Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts.

Yes, it is true there is more at stake than just America. Many see what is happening around the world and the part the US plays in it.

We understand the importance of this election and will do our best.