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01-11-2008, 08:02 PM
You know how if your name if mentioned you essentially automatically get 30 seconds to respond.

I would like to see Ron use this as a offensive weapon more. Like when he mentioned McCain & the 100 year comment. - that was great.

He keeps pounding in how even if they don't agree on the war we can't afford it.
Well it's not working fully because no one addresses it.

Say- Mr. McCain has yet to explain to us how we can continue to fight a war AND finance it for the next 100 years.

Rudy has yet to explain how he is going to raise an army of ( insert his numbers- I know they were big... Like 200,000 + ) Will he use a draft?

And to all the candidate's on the stage how will you cut into a national debt of 9 trillion+ dollars- Pay entitlements to baby boomers, cut taxes, and continue to fight a war. All these promises sound like a democratic platform...

If he could pull a Rudy and just start giving a response he could respond to anything they say by throwing in the facts that David Walker our nations accountant said. He basically shot down a rep. plan of "stimulating" the economy by tax cuts citing that our economy would need to double for the next __ years ( large number I think 20) And laughed at the idea of raising taxes.

He also said if we continue our current path by 2040 we will only have enough money to pay interest on debt and some entitlements. ( no NATIONAL DEFENCE)

Ask is Mr. Walker wrong?

I know this would take a while to respond but I think it would be worth summarizing a simple answer then spending the remainder on this. Especially if he has 1:30 to respond.

( Rudy uses this strategy in reverse by talking about something completely different then wrapping it up with the actual question.)

If your still reading I would also like Ron to purposely lay a trap for himself... By stating in his response his intentions of fighting the terrorist responsible for 9/11.
They will all see this as an opportunity to show the flaw in pulling out and fighting

This is risky but it gives Paul one shot at a home run.

He must summarize it quickly. Say something like: We have two strategies
1- What all of you propose- that is to fight this war indefinitely trying to kill terrorist faster than they are recruited. Which accounted for over 900 deaths in 2007 alone and is bankrupting the country.

Or my strategy- Take away the most powerful thing radicals have. This is their power to convince people to become terrorist in the first place. Unlike my colleges say the average Muslim doesn't want to fly across the country and blow their selves up because we are free. OBL convinces them they are in a war against Christianity. He shows them in the Koran it is their responsibility to defend a Muslim country against an invasion from a infidel army. And we have given him plenty of evidence to support such a claim since 1953. So it is Land Occupation that drives the average Muslim to become a terrorist not because they do not approve of our lifestyle. So if our goal is to stop suicide terrorism we should eliminate what causes it. At the same time I would place a bounty on OBL's head and target him militarily if we have solid evidence.

My example is too long but thats why his staff should make one that is short and to the point. If he can pull this off he explains to the American Public how his strategy actually does the best job of stopping terrorism and cuts into that spin that RP would do nothing against known terrorist.

For bonus points if he could make Americans realize by being over there we are doing OBL bidding it would be great...