View Full Version : FAQ about Precinct Leaders system

01-11-2008, 06:58 PM
I'll be adding this to the main page tonight, to the "Help" section's FAQ:

1) What's the commitment required?

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO. Don't worry about occupying a precinct because others from your precinct will sign up anyway and you can help them avoid double-tracking. If nothing else, just sign up so you can call and ID voters in your precinct.

2) (all kinds of tech support questions)

I felt it would be better to release the system as it was rather than wait until every bug was worked out--build the base as early as possible. Yes, about 20% of people are having real difficulty. We're working as fast as possible to fix everything and get every potential PL on board. (Plus I'm a Michigan coordinator so I'm bogged down with that, too...) We're making improvements every day, and adding new features as well.

3) (all kinds of second-guessing questions)

The lesson from Iowa and New Hampshire was that the ground game is key, and you'll get much better results doing it this way. The important thing is to ID voters in your precinct so you know EXACTLY what to expect on Election Day... particularly in small precincts where you may ID more definite Paul supporters than apparently voted for him and can investigate ballot tampering if need be.

It's critical that people focus on their own little area rather than just trying to reach everyone all over the place. Lit drops are great, but we need to be getting interactive with these voters and the best way is to have everyone know that their own backyard is in good standing before worrying about those of others.

4) I didn't get my email/I messed something up and got logged out

Just register a Gmail or Yahoo mail account and use that. You only need your email once (to obtain your temporary password) and Gmail and Yahoo don't miss or spam out the emails. We're adding the system to our T1 lines and soon the emails will never be mis-directed.

5) "Recruitment bomb"?

The premise of the "money bomb" is waiting until a certain day so the money all comes in at once. That's great for headlines, but for this system there's no media attention around how many volunteers are recruited in one day. The sooner, the better! Use that "recruit" button to get all your friends on the system ASAP--we need this viral and fast.

6) I donated but I'm not in the system.

Because of that little Non-Disclosure Agreement, we can't just automatically add people into this system. They need to sign up separately for this. We will add the PL roster to our supporter roster, though.