View Full Version : Hoist them on their own Petard...Media spin game...

01-11-2008, 05:40 PM
Media spin game anyone want to play??? Each one of the media darlings has their own favorite. Medved,Beck,Hannity, et al. Now since no one is the clear frontrunner, per media's own stance, then the race is still wide open for anyone to win. In fact I have heard ad naseum how we only had 3 primaries so NO ONE is a sealed deal. Paul supporters are however being told to fold, decide where are votes are going to go, and be realistic...Why??

Well because he is unelectable, don't cha know? Why? They have been rude, ignored his name in the media, and dismissed him at every turn, and yet we are still pulling votes (despite voter fraud)!!! Some of our more well spoken media spammers need to slam them on this, if you can get past call screeners. He is still solvent and we are not a minimal group of voters who are disenfranchised and not many will be easily swayed to give up so easily or turn to a different candidate.

Besides each of them has a whine similar to the monologue I just heard on Hannity about how the "liberal" media is saying a "conservative" can't get elected, yet they feel differently and their candidate is the one who will be able to pull it off. Maybe we need to reitterate their owns words to them...And remind them we are not to be so easily dismissed and not having Ron Paul as the Republican nominee will play spoiler to the Republican party without him having to run third party...:D Just a thought!!