View Full Version : We CANNOT trust the BIG MEDIA! They have their own selfish concerns.

Bloody Holly
01-11-2008, 02:49 PM
This is their primary concern. Taking control of all media. Newspapers, tv stations, airwaves and online.

Why the media has issues with Ron Paul? Ron Paul isn't corrupt enough. This is about big business of course and the FCC.

WASHINGTON (Dec. 18) - The Federal Communications Commission voted Tuesday to overturn a 32-year-old ban and allow broadcasters in the nation's 20 largest media markets to also own a newspaper.

Just Google FCC Approves New Media Ownership Rule

These news stations with only corporate greed in mind want to buy up as many outlets as possible. They need corrupt allies.

That is the main reason why there is a big blackout on Ron Paul. With Ron Paul discussing the rules of the constitution and not bowing down to corruption, the media views him as a threat.

Expect more online communities to be bought out. Expect your newspapers to be bought out.
Has anyone else had clear channel buy out a local radio station only to have clear channel take the original program off air such as rock stations? What was it replaced by?

Clear Channel is a product of the deregulation of radio in the United States through the Telecommunication Act of 1996, which overturned the rule limiting to forty the number of radio stations around the country that a single company could own.

Today Clear Channel owns over 1,200 stations, or roughly one in every ten in the country, over 776,000 outdoor advertising displays, such as billboards and street benches, as well as 200 major concert halls across the nation. The company represents the biggest and most profitable bands and stars in the business, ranging from N'Sync, Tina Turner and Pearl Jam to sports legends like Michael Jordan and Andre Agassi.

No wonder why music isn't all that innovative or creative. All musicians that are creative are not going to get played on the radio because of our rules that were relaxed. This is what happens with corruption


who owns Clear Channel?

John Hogan. Fox news of course has a deal with Clear Channel


"This deal positions Fox News to become a significant player in the radio industry and is another example of our commitment to the medium," said Roger Ailes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fox News. "We look forward to working with Clear Channel Radio -- one of the most innovative radio operators in the industry."

We need to reach out to competition of Fox and Clear Channel. Let it be known their ratings will sky rocket if they become the place to get more reporting on Ron Paul unless of course, they too prepare for a future of buying out as much as possible then I can see why they too might hate someone who isn't corrupt.

More Than 100 Clear Channel Stations to Get Fox Newscasts
5-year Deal May Extend to More Than 500 Affiliates


Murdoch has stood before the senate to address how his stances on relaxing the FCC on the media isn't to encourage him buying out more. The senate laughed but the FCC continues to pass laws encouraging more buy outs from the big companies.

Clear Channel also does alot of billboard advertising.

Just food for thought.

Ron Paul is not going to get support from the news. If he does, it will be from individual journalists in which they could eventually get the "You may lose your job" from the boss who sees Ron Paul as a threat.