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01-11-2008, 12:15 PM
Whenever Dr. Paul speaks anywhere, he should start and end each inteview (or debate question) with these 3 points:

1) End the IRS and Income Tax...period, no substitutions.

2) Secure our borders, by placing our now deployed armed forces there.

3) Restore all education decision to the parents. Unrestricted homeschooling, without state or federal interference. Complete local control of public schools, and choice in education.

These are winning issues, but are useless, unless they are repeated ad nauseum. When voters think of Ron Paul, they should reflexively think of these 3 issues, without needing to be prompted. It needs to be hammered at every opportunity. Hookerbea is getting away with potraying himself as the "only" opponent of the IRS, and as a champion of homeshooling, and Mutt got away with portraying him as weak on immigration. There should be no excuse for anyone (even his opponents) to be ignorant of his position on these 3 issues. It must be repeated at EVERY opportunity.