View Full Version : Help RP in Arkansas

01-11-2008, 11:18 AM
I need people in Rogers, AR!!! I have the materials, a great game plan, and a few VERY motivated people but we need more bodies. Anyone know people in North West Arkansas send them my way.
We have the University of Arkansas(WOOOO PIG SOOOIE!!!!) in Fayetteville, Northwest Ar community College, Springdale, Wal-mart World Headquaters offices in Bentonville, and the New World Trade center about 6 miles from my home in Rogers. All in about a 40 mile radius. Our Primaries are Feb. 5th. There are SOOOO many votes we could win! BUT I NEED PEOPLE! We are canvassing, we are at meet-ups, and tons of plans and ideas but we want to do more. We could be a hot spot! Please help us......