View Full Version : ?Entangling Alliances Video?

01-11-2008, 07:59 AM
Entangling Alliances Video Campaign Commercial Video

I don't know if someone has suggested this yet or not, but this would be a continuation of Ron Paul's comments during the Jan 10 th Debate. Something for Youtube, video google, ... and Broadcast if Ron Paul Campaign likes it.

Right at 30 seconds

Begins with Ron Paul clip talking about entangling alliance, with Jefferson's quote in background, some words about our original Foreign Policy. Maybe several clips, zooming in and out from background to foreground, with voice of Ron Paul switching from relevant statement to relevant statement of the video that is currently in the foreground.

Ends, a small video coming from the background to the foreground, with a big ball of yarn all tangled up, with a bunch of cartoon characters all entangled. A huge tangled mess, other candidates, a bunch recognizable middle east characters, "He just doesn't understand how complex this is", "No, pull this string", "Over here, this one", each character pulling on a different string, talking over one another, a mess of words making the mess worst. Ron Paul standing with a pair of scissors shaking his head.

Just an Idea, I don't have any video production experience, I think it would be a great video to get the message across to the average American.

Any interest in a small group project?