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01-11-2008, 07:10 AM
Ol' tailgunner Joe ain't got nothin' on these guys. Joe McCarthy saw communists everywhere. At the height of the red scare, the mere suspicion that you might have read Das Kapital in college or went to a Woody Guthrie concert was enough to end a career. The reign of terror didn't end until after Aurthur Miller's brilliant play THE CRUCIBLE exposed McCarthyism for what it was: a witchhunt.

Racists are the new witches. Yes, they exist, but their beliefs are as laughable as wiccan paganism and even less influential. Irrational fear of witchcraft, communism, racism, or radical Islam is often far more dangerous than the original threat. Overreaction leads to seeking solutions without regard to the cost of those solutions. A good strategist would calculate the relative threat of hostile ideologies to take appropriate action. An evil activist will exploit a prevailing fear for political gain, fully knowing the fear has little or no merit.

Dr. Paul is appearantly a witchdoctor, according to the pro-establishment tools that keep slandering smearing, and libeling him. This man, who's closest friend was a Jew, Murray N. Rothbard (one of the founders of the libertarian movement) is supposed to be an anti-semite. His intellectual hero was Ludwig Von Mises, a Jewish economist. One racist appearantly sent him a campaign contribution, which is enough to overshadow his massive minority support. Ilana Mercer, a self-described "Zionist Jew" blogger from Worldnetdaily.com has officially endorsed him. African American Matt Sistrunck is the group organizer of the El Paso Ron Paul meetup group (the one I am a member of) . According to the witch hunters, these people and myself are just pawns in the evil doctor's diabolical plan to revive the Third Reich or something.

Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket. Dr. Ron Paul's thirty year war against racism and all other forms of collectivism is an elaborate ruse to fool us into voting for him in this election so he can then reverse his ten term voting record and revive National Socialsm from the graveyard of stupid ideologies. He delivers hundreds of black and mexican babies (sometimes for free), but this is just to throw us off the scent. Sure, sure. I must be playing MiniMe to this new Doctor Evil. How stupid of me.

What's happening is that the establishment can't find anything unattractive to say about our platform, so they are mounting a desperate ad hominum attack.
Don't fall for it and don't let them get away with it!

Dr. Paul has championed freedom for thirty years and he needs us to champion him now. When no one else stood up for our right to free speech, Dr. Paul did. When almost nobody opposed the war or the Patriot act, Dr. Paul did. He has stood alone fighting for your banking privacy, medical records privacy, first, second and fourth amendment rights. He has fought against censorship, warrantless searches, the military draft, confiscatory taxes and every other form of government coersion. He doesn't want anyone to control your life but you. That's the real reason why they hate him and the reason you should love him. I do. My friend the witchdoctor.

Billy Joe Allen

01-11-2008, 08:30 AM
nice post! i'd see if you can get it moved though so more people will find it.