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01-10-2008, 09:06 PM
I was thinking today about this election and how it will possibly play out and this is what I came up with:
Thus far there is no clear front-runner in either party
In iowa Obama won
In NH Clinton won
In Iowa Huckabee won
In wyoming Romney won
and in NH McCain won (I don't know how but he did lol)
Seems to like everybody is still undecided
Guiliani is all but out of the campaign no money+no campaigning=No win
Edwards and Paul are the only 2 consistent candidates running.
Since Ron Paul is heard about throughout texas you can be he'll get 1st place in Texas. Since Montana is primarily a libertarian state in practice you can bet he's got them too. California is sick of all the government intrusion so I think his message will spread fast there and he'll get the state. Utah will be divided between Paul and Romney for obvious reasons. I believe New Mexico will go to Paul because of it's close proximity to Texas. Louisiana will probably go to Huckabee (you can probably count on most of the christian right states going to Huckabee or Romney. Florida might go to Guiliani but who really knows. Wisconsin, minnesota and the dakotas will probably be split between Paul and Huckabee. This is just my prediction