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01-10-2008, 07:22 PM
Well, Ron Paul just announced that we are going to do a big money bomb day on Martin Luther King Jr. day. So, no matter what the feelings of the folks on this board, we better come together and push for that one day.

It is time to roll the Ben Franklin thing into the MLK thing and push like crazy. We must support Dr. Paul. I don't care what anyone's personal feelings are here. He announced it and if we don't back him we will look like we have deserted him.

Push as hard as you can for it. Forget the stupid ten dollar thing. It costs more in transaction costs to get the ten bucks than it is worth. Just ask folks for whatever they can donate to donate.

I personally love the benjamins idea much better, but we must support Dr. Paul, so let's put all our egos aside and roll the two into one, can we?

And this time, can we please not let one person in charge of the email list? Last time during the Tea Party, the person in charge forgot to send out the emails reminding the people until they only had a few hours left to donate. We don't want that debacle again. OK?

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Bump> Mlk Day Money Bomb Is On The Way!

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Did somebody say Ron Roll?


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All in.

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I wasn't big on any more money bombs without results. I am NOW however not going to let Ron Paul down. We absolutely MUST give him a platform to laugh in the MSM's face. Racist?, nah we just had 10 million donated on MLK day. (FINGER) :mad:

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01-10-2008, 07:27 PM
The "Last Chance for Liberty" money bomb weekend!

Dear Ron Paul supporters,

A final opportunity to help change the course of this election and the future of this nation is approaching quickly. On Thursday January 17th the "Last Chance for Liberty" money bomb weekend will begin and continue through January 21st to end that midnight. It is critical that everyone who is willing to donate do so by January 21st. This is because Super Tuesday is coming up FAST on February 5th! Any donations made after January 21st may not be received by the official campaign soon enough to be used towards that absolutely critical day when countless states will be holding their primary elections.

As you may know, there are two individual money bombs happening during this time period. However, the "Last Chance for Liberty" money bomb is an effort to combine them both and give Ron Paul supporters a larger window to donate! This may enhance our ability to meet the goal of raising at least TEN MILLION DOLLARS by the end of this FIVE DAY "Last Chance for Liberty" money bomb weekend!

The two individual money bombs that are happening during this weekend are the "Benjamins for Paul" primary SHOCKER and the "Free at Last" Martin Luthor King MONEY BOMB! The "Last Chance for Liberty" does NOT exclude anyone from participating in either of these two money bombs. This effort is INCLUSIVE to combine these two days into a SPECTACULAR event that can bring together supporters of small government, freedom, and liberty from around the nation ONE MORE TIME before Super Tuesday! So donate on either of these two days or on any other day between the 17th and 21st! The choice is yours!



Lets give Ron Paul the money he needs to effectively campaign in ALL of the Super Tuesday primary states!

Please support the "Last Chance for Liberty" money bomb weekend! Please tell everyone you know about this massive effort!

01-10-2008, 07:28 PM
leave the Ben Franklin one as is

Just advertise the MLK one like crazy. myspace, facebook, meetup, youtube, etc

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Money bombs away!! go win Ron Paul!!

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M L K - D A Y !!!!!

01-10-2008, 07:57 PM
It is no fun to split it up over a weekend. It needs to be one day. Sorry Benjamin folks. Ron Paul has spoken and we must back him up. Time to let go of the weekend idea. People like to see the money come rolling in quickly. When it does, people often make two or three donations during the day. They get infected. We need to do that again.

Get it in the media. Get it out on Myspace. Get it out to all Meetup groups. MLK day it is.

But I won't send folks to any website devised by Trevor Lyman so he can use the email list for his own benefit. So, can the Benjamins folks change the date to MLK day?

Also, the idea of asking for ten dollars is stupid. It will cost the campaign half that much in credit card transaction costs, and the time and effort to collect it all. So, please, do not send anyone to that freeatlast site. It is terrible. Besides, Mr. Lyman has proven he cannot be trusted. He is the one that forgot to send any emails out on the Tea Party day and we know he is now working for-profit. So, we need another website.

If someone else will come up with another website by the end of the day, I will send it to a reporter to do an article on this and run it in the next couple of days. If not, I will ask the reporter to do it without any website listed. But it is better if people are reminded and it is fun to have a counter going.

Can anyone pull this off? We could still have Benjamins for Paul on MLK day. Kind of the way President's day is rolled into one.

If another website gets set up, please pm with the address ASAP. Thank you.

01-10-2008, 08:06 PM
Ron has publicly mentioned MLK day as the next big money day. I've been irked by the poor quality of the ads, but will support this day with at least $100.