View Full Version : Ron's Biggest Hurdle

01-10-2008, 06:30 PM
I don't often to speak with my dad, but I got the chance last night. He owns a real estate appraisal company that has hit some very, very hard times due to the housing crash ("'Slump' my ass," were his exact words). In any event we started talking about politics and I was really surprised that he likes Ron Paul.

He ended up saying, "He won't win though." I smiled and asked him, "Why, did you hear that on the news?" He said, "No, he won't win because he's a nerdy brainiac. No matter how badly we need a nerdy brainiac in charge the idiots always want to be seen rooting for the popular football star. Nothing is going to change that until the idiots are starving, and maybe not even then."

I couldn't have summed up our problems any better. Everyone is ganging up against Ron Paul because he's the 'uncool nerd' in the class. Everyone knows that 'uncool nerds' go on to do great things. Everyone wants the benefits a nerd can produce, but no one wants to be seen supporting the nerd.