View Full Version : URGENT!Need Pics of vets for ad in national magazine!

James Otis
01-10-2008, 04:49 PM
Need high-resolution (most digital cameras work fine) photos of veterans who support Ron Paul.

It will be a full-page ad in a national magazine with a monthly distribution of 500,000+; primarily read by veterans, currently serving military, and police officers.

The ad will be to veterans from veterans, on why they should support Ron Paul in their primary or caucus.

We need this done within five days –so this is urgent!

No names need to be given, just years served; combat if any and rank, unit or anything else you feel should be included (medals, awards etc.) if you do want to give your name, that is great. Or we could just use your initials, or if you prefer to be anonymous - entirely up to you.

Photos can be in uniform (preferred), civilian dress, or whatever you feel is best.

Feel free to send a few different shots but at least one clear photo of just head and shoulders.

We would especially welcome the participation of any combat vets (but that is not absolutely necessary), and from any conflict such as from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, on up to today.

An anonymous veteran who supports Ron Paul is sponsoring this ad.
All that matters is that it is from vets for vets.
If you need to see a copy of the ad text before you agree to participate, that can be arranged by private email so long as you swear to not disclose its contents before it comes out.

Please pass this message on to any veterans you know who support Ron Paul.

Please send your photos, info, and any questions to: