View Full Version : Video concept: "War on Haters" mocking the "War on Terror"

01-10-2008, 12:34 AM
Here's a satire/cynical video concept that I thought of but know I dont have time for with my current projects.

The War on Terror is the biggest thing holding Dr. Paul back, yet its absolutely the most absurd thing that can be imagined.

The premise being pushed is that they attack us for our freedoms, not because we're on their holy land & keeping their dictators and kings in power etc. In essence the neocon/noelib leadership is suggesting that the terrorists ar ejust a bunch of player haters.

I'm guessing that somebody with a bit of humor and hip-hop pizzaz' could take this concept and make a hilarious video out of it.

While I dont have the time to do this I do have basically every video clip on this matter that has come up in the campaign ("Rudy's Reading List"), plus plenty of highly-credible related-materials that debunk it as completely absurd. If anyone would like to capitalize on this PM me to arrange getting these source videos.