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Bloody Holly
01-09-2008, 05:13 PM
Before you go out to spread your message of Hope for America do the following:

1. Take a shower.
2. Brush your hair.
3. Find a nice outfit that is conservative. Think about how you would dress if your conservative grandparents expected you to dress nice.
4. Brush your teeth. Carry breath mints.
5. Bring flyers, business cards or anything written that reminds people of what Ron Paul stands for. You can even bring DVD's.

Now that you have the basics down. You look nice, your breath smells good..presentation.


When you approach someone, give eye contact and smile. If you have difficulty looking someone in their eyes, look at the person's forehead. The person will not be able to tell you are not actually looking them in the eyes.

1. Smile
2. Say "Greetings! Have you heard of Ron Paul the candidate that wants to end the IRS, bring our troops home and stop borrowing money from China?" (You may also shorten it to "Greetings! I would like a minute of your time to tell you about Ron Paul, have you heard of Ron Paul?"
3. Now is your chance to bring up what Ron Paul stands for.
4. If the person criticizes Ron Paul on the issues, be calm.
5. Make it no longer than 15 minutes. The best time would be 5-10 minutes per person. This is so you can move on to the next person.
6. After the conversation smile and thank the person for their time. Give the person a flyer, business card or what you brought with you in writing with details of Ron Paul on the issues or any other media.

Remember, screaming, debating or becoming arguementative slows down the process.

01-09-2008, 05:39 PM
I agree with all of this. I would also add that regardless of what one's beliefs are on the issues around 911, Banks, and any important issue, it is best to let the other person bring up the heavy issues first. Have a calm, educated, succinct response to certain issues. The heavy ones. The good former Mayor of New York has been satirized for bringing up 911 too much. Let's be careful not to do the same for our candidate, Dr. Paul.

We want change. We want positive change. We are tired of the negative and fear mongering and can take great reward in that message. It will lend to a sense of confidence in our message that is attractive to those looking for positive change.