View Full Version : Anything can happen at a brokered convention.

01-09-2008, 10:25 AM
Ok the GOP is heavily fractured in 2008, so far Huckabee, Mitt, & McCain have won. Eventually Rudy will win a state, and fred hangs in he might win one too. Ron Paul should be able to take Texas, & California might be a huge suprize too.

I know everybody is super bummed out today, but that brokered convention thats coming, where delegates can change their minds if there person gets put out, could prove to be very interesting. Ron Paul supporters will never support anybody else, other delegates will be forced too pick another.

The point is Ron Paul and his supporters need to get there, thats it.

Also, we don't know what economic & world events could happen between now and then to change peoples minds, remember that too.