View Full Version : Ron Paul and medical professionals

07-21-2007, 04:54 AM
I'm surprised that so many medical professionals favor gov't intervention in their profession. I'd have thought that by now medical professionals would be considering themselves to be slave labor controlled by bureaucrats, and would resent it.

I'm considering a small web site that would focus on Ron Paul's statements about health care and the proper role of the federal gov't. It would be of general interest, but targeted mainly at health care professionals, to inform them of Dr. Paul's ideas and positions. Hopefully, what Dr. Paul has written would persuade medical professionals that they and their patients should be free to contract and free to treat health problems as they wish, without intervention. A website name like ronpaulRx.com that was promoted near hospitals would probably get a lot of views.

In the beginning I'd like to simply collect and link to relevant articles, essays, and videos. Eventually a forum for medical professionals might be nice.

I'd very much like to receive comments on this idea.