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01-08-2008, 07:52 PM
Early on I had hoped Dr. Paul would be more clear about his Iraq exit strategy and keep the closing of all bases to a minimum. I hoped he would say something to the extent of - We need to redesign our foreign policy and stop premptive war. He should still have spoke of ending it but should have never said " just come home we just marched in we can just march out" While true he should have offered a more generic, come home as soon as possible as safe as possible. I do believe this would be his policy but it's not coming across that way. But all this is too late I want to focus on the situation we are in now.

( please don't debate this OPINION of mine, nobody can change it)


It's obvious the most important issue will be the war in Iraq. The majority of Americans have decided they want to end it no matter what. These same Americans would LOVE to have a logical reason for wanting to leave. ( the idea that leaving could actually help fight terrorism)

In the debates foreign policy is where Ron Paul loses voters in many cases. It's not his fault because it's 5 vs 1. He has NO CHANCE of winning the debate in the amount of time he is given. Yes he wins over the ANTI-WAR no matter what voters I spoke of, but to many more it appears he is crazy like the media portrays him because after all how could he be right while all the others are wrong?

The democratic candidates are also anti-war (some more than others) but never speak of why. I fear they only speak of it to gain the votes just like their fellow congressmen. This makes their support base very easy to switch to a message they want ( anti-war) that also has a reason behind it. The reason is important because it makes us feel good knowing we are not just quiting the war or losing it but actually attempting to solve it.

Star reading here if you are lazy:
Here is my advice on how Ron Paul can win in the situation he is currently in.

Step 1- Create a new website that is linked to his official one with the best case for Ron Paul's explanation of his views on foreign policy.
When you first click on the page it should immediately play the strongest evidence. I would suggest a short clip of Michael Scheuer speaking.

This page should give a very well explanation of the blow back principle and evidence for it in a very short and to the point manner.

The important thing is to have an abundance of evidence available on the same page. Don't cram it all in the initial explanation or make a 30 minute video but just available. Have information divided into wittings by experts such as Scheuer, quotes from government officials and reports, an entire section dedicated to the translated video's of Bin Laden along with expert analysis of them,etc.

People like Michael Scheuer are very passionate about protecting America. The campaign should contact him and anyone else that is an expert in the area to upload videos that are a message to American voters specifically about Ron Paul.

Step 2- In the next debate Paul must memorize a response to any question related to Foreign Policy.

First line- mention military supports him via fund raising
Second line: - Tell America he is only candidate that supports pulling out of Iraq and foreign policy.
third line: My opponents would have you believe we have to fight because our enemies are pure evil and only want to kill us because we are free. I believe the experts who say that our foreign policy actually creates terrorist who want to kills us.
4th line: Clearly either all of these men are wrong or I am. Tell America to find out by themselves by going to his website ( give it a short catchy name like " whoisright.com)

5th line: Ask the other candidates to respond to that website themselves if they are confident that he is so wrong.

( I just threw this together the important thing is to challenge them outside the debate via his website)

Step 3- Immediately after the debate launch a commercial that features comments from all the other candidates in favor of the war or the idea that terrorist hate us because we are free,rich,etc.
Bill Maher already has done this for us seen here:
( It would be nice to update it and add some comments from Obama & Hillary )
At the end of the commercial show the short clip of Ron challenging the other candidates. Then end with the website name asking the people to find out themselves.


My idea is to turn his current weakness in the party into the "X factor" he needs to win. His credibility is hurt by being attacked 5-1. He needs to openly challenge them and allow them a chance to show they are correct with facts.

The media would obviously make a story out of this. All the buzz would be who can prove Paul wrong first. What is most likely to happen is the candidates will ignore this and force the media to examine the issues. The reality is the experts in the past have supported Michael Scheuer and thus will support Paul!

Now the entire GOP party is in a situation where if it's shown they are wrong every candidate loses their credibility and Ron is the sole remaining choice.


The same commercials concept could be done for his other issues. The accountant of the United States could do a commercial ( or just take some of his existing clips off you tube with his permission) speaking about the truth behind our financial situation.

Ron Must declare war asap on the issues. We cannot plan on people to learn about ron paul on their own.

Scott Wilson
01-08-2008, 09:29 PM
The main problem we face is not really how Ron has presented his case on foreign policy it is more the publics perception that Ron Paul is naive on foreign policy coupled with the mental block that Ron has no chance of winning.

Also people do not see an 'alternative' candidate to Ron Paul as such a bad idea due to their ignorance. Ron is quirky to most people.

Your ideas on how to win are very good although I do not think a new website will achieve anything at all.

I believe we must take the kiddy gloves off and go on the offensive.

Your right, we must challenge the other candidates.

We must really stress the contrast between Ron and all the others and we must be very in your face about it. The media will not jump on this, the media will marginalise Ron until the end to I suggest we forget about the media. We need to utilise the mediums available to us and plant factual challenges to the establishment in order for people to realise how the establishment is otherwise ignoring and playing down certain issues.

What do you think of the following as an idea? How could it be improved? Is it worthwhile at all?


No presidential candidate save Ron Paul is seriously addressing the following facts.

Fact The Constitution of the the United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land. If the Constitution is only paid lip service and is violated as a matter of routine then the U.S.A. is in actual fact no longer a Constitutional Republic but is instead a nation governed by bureaucratic whim.(1)

Fact Perceived occupation is a major recruiting tool for foreign terrorists. (1)

Fact The ever increasing spending of the United States government on both foreign and domestic programs which is funded by ever increasing borrowing is leading the United States into an economic catastrophe. (2)

Fact Inflation is caused by the expansion of the money supply. The United States dollar will continue to decline at an exponential rate unless the constant expansion of the money supply by the Federal Reserve is addressed.

Fact The vast majority of American's care more about making money and entertainment than they do about the future of their nation. Most Americans are stupidly allowing the media to dictate to them what issues are important and which solutions they ought to pay attention to.

The 2008 Presidential Election is not a horse race where you try and pick a winner based on popular opinion. The 2008 Presidential Election is not some popularity contest where you make your choice based on rhetoric alone. Stop being stupid America and start to think for yourselves and pick a candidate based on their principles, their record, and what is best for the United States of America.

Your children depend on you!

(1) "Through Our Enemies Eyes" (2002) by Michael Scheuer, former head analyst at the CIA’s bin Laden unit.

(2) "A Call For Stewardship" (2007) by by David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States.

01-08-2008, 10:43 PM
All of you thought I was crazy. Go read my What is War thread and decide if we should be willing to go for the throat or not.

01-08-2008, 10:51 PM
I like cookies.

01-09-2008, 01:13 AM
"The media will not jump on this, the media will marginalise Ron until the end to I suggest we forget about the media."

I disagree... It should be very obvious that we NEED the MSM to win. The fact is the majority of Americans still do not know who Ron Paul is. We have done an excellent job on the internet but we need the MSM to help expose more of the public to his message.

My idea is just a rough draft. He could just add all that information on his site under the issues. The point is we have to break a barrier that we aren't speaking about. That is that Dr. Paul is the only person who believes what he says about Foreign policy.

Did you watch this intro? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SsSZ-lvPfc
It's perfect to create that separation we are talking about. As a bonus it's not an attack ad since it's just snippets from the debate.

At the end of the commercial he could just challenge the public and the other candidates to the site and learn. It would certainly get him interviewed again about it.

Also if the Democrats truly want to end the war I imagine they will "adapt" and start mimicking Paul's logic to convince people to vote dem. in order to end the war.

P.S. like the flyer but the problem is we need EVERYONE to read it...

01-09-2008, 02:46 AM
Yes the war issue is how he can win.

I think he should use very simple words like "balance the budget" and make it clear that we would spend less than we collect... Beyond that your right most people just get confused.