View Full Version : News Corp shares hammered

01-08-2008, 04:37 PM
During today's brutal selloff, Fox News (Newscorp) related shares fell further than the market indices. The market is approximately where it started a year ago, so it has *much* further to fall.

Dow -238.42 (-1.86%)
Nasdaq -58.95 (-2.36%)
S&P -25.99 (-1.84%)

NWS -0.49 (-2.46%)
NWS.A -0.61 (-3.16%)

Other Media Companies

TWX -0.08 (-0.51%) *Time Warner, held up
DIS -0.62 (-1.99%) *Disney, moderate hit in line with market
NYT -0.68 (-4.05%) *New York Times, "ouch"

There does seem to be selection going on in terms of which media corporation shares are being sold.