View Full Version : ATTN: Mid-Coast Maine Voters - Training Tonight!

01-08-2008, 03:36 PM
To all Mid-Coast Maine voters,

There will be a caucus training session at Troy Howard Middle School (in Belfast) tonight at 6 pm. I should have posted this earlier but it completely spaced my mind. We had a meetup group meeting last night here in Belfast and there are at least 12 of us going tonight. I know you would all like to view the results coming in but we need to focus on our state right now. There is not much more you can do to help out with NH. Lets hear from the Horse's Mouth how the caucus will be run in our state. If anybody has any questions after regarding the caucus here in Maine feel free to join our Meetup group (Belfast) and we will pass on information to you.

FYI tune into 103.9 fm on friday morning. They will be talking about Ron Paul for at least 2 hours maybe the whole time from 6am-9am. I will miss it because ill be visiting family in Florida. This is the same station that carries Glenn Beck and Rush.