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01-08-2008, 04:54 AM
A Strategy To Win

Every area needs to have a business building or office with a Ron Paul sign above it where people can stop and get information. If it can't be staffed all the time then there should be a box where people can leave their name and phone number or address. This is essential to getting information to people. The information that we can have at these locations can be DVD copies and xeroxed papers. Some lawn signs would be good if we could get enough there. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. It does not have to be a fancy place. I am sure that we all know someone who has a business where we could do this, lets start talking to people about it.

Ad's in newspapers: We need to make sure that we get Dr. Paul's name in the newspapers even if it is just notices in the classified sections.

Call into local radio stations during open talk shows and say that people can pick up information about Ron Paul at the location that you have for this.

If we don't provide a lot of places for people to get information they are not going to vote for him. WE ALL KNOW THAT ONCE PEOPLE ARE MADE AWARE OF HOW DIRE THE SITUATION IS THEY BECOME A SUPPORTER. If we don't provide a way for people to get this information ASAP they are not going to vote for him.


We need as many people as possible to become precinct captains. This is not hard work people. If we really want Dr. Paul to win then we need to all sign up for this. More than one person can sign up for a precinct and that will make things easier. It is just a matter of signing up, getting the list of people in your neighborhood who are registered voters. Then you call them using the script you are provided and make sure that they get some information on Dr. Paul. You know that each person who gets information on him will talk to their friends about him and get him more votes.

DON'T LET ALL OF OUR EFFORTS TO DATE BE IN VAIN. SIGN UP FOR THIS AT Sign Up To Be A Precinct Captain for HQ (http://voters.ronpaul2008.com/grassrootscentral.test/)

01-11-2008, 12:41 AM
Good idea, I talked to an Obama supporter yesterday and he said that they rented an office to do phone banking and stuff.

You could even set up your own home as a local precinct office where people can stop by to learn more and ask questions. Put some signs around your home and print out some literature about Ron Paul with directions to come to your home for more info, then drop it off to people in your precinct. You could have a DVD player or computer with some movies (http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=64887) ready to play for anyone that wants to see them.