View Full Version : Sign Bomb # 2 New Hampshire

01-07-2008, 09:19 PM
I just drove around to make sure all the Ron Paul signs I put up were still standing. The snow is melting like crazy and the signs are falling over. Those trash bag signs are no good.

Well most of the signs were still standing. DOT came through and took away some of the snow so some of the signs were not there. BUT I FOUND THE! haha. The DOT just threw them over the banking. I grabbed them and put them back up.

TONS of other candidates signs are blowing all over the place now because they fell over. oops. oh well.

If you are in the North East CHECK YOUR SIGNS.

I also put up some more near my polling area. :D

Keep pushing, make those phone calls, knock on those doors you havent. Bring home the vote.