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All of your whining and anger is good. All your emotions are good. Put it to positive group effort.
It gets so bad in here I feel bad when I post because I read so many posts and I get tired of them. And I create one I feel like its more waste of space.

But I have a point I would like to make. And I try to stay quiet relatively that way their is less clatter and more synchronized talk and leadership.

We have a goal, that is to get Ron Paul to be president. No one disputes that. The things we disagree on are the tactics of how we do it. Well, I personally don't encourage every tactic because, I can't. It is up to you to make the decision for what is best.

I certainly don't like reading complaints on every tactic. I don't like reading so many complaints that are destructive and not constructive. There is always a complaint, and someone is super pissed off or really doesn't condone an idea of another. I'm asking that we use positive constructive criticizim. We had 4009 people on here a week ago. And thankfully only a hundred or so were causing a ruckus, and probably still are. I've heard people call others trolls and other things. I don't support name calling either. This name calling to me is childish. Many people coming here I can guarantee are probably turned off at some of the rhoteric here.

We are not against each other we want Paul for president. Paul encourages freedom of choice, freedom of thought. So can't you winers and negative naysayrs allow their freedom as you would like yours. Offer good critisicim and be a good poster. Check for topics so we aren't reposting. Post in topics already made if its about the same subject. you could always use the tags [ size=9 ] [ /size] inside of the post to make yours stand out more. Use these tags to your advantage.

I don't condone the (pardon me) the menstruating going on here. Clean the sand out of your vagina's and grow up. We need more positive encouraging threads and to spread love, life, liberty, pursuit, of happiness. We are trying to encourage people to come, not discourage. Sure you know the things grassroots does from time to time you don't agree with. Let it sort its self out like the free economy.
An example of that working is Trevor Lyman creating November 5th then December 16th. He didn't force us to do it, we all volunteered because we all took it upon ourselves to understand it was a good thing. Look what came out of it. 11 Million, and now a blimp.

Moral of story, when we weren't bitching about things and we were busy spreading good things we were making incredible movements. We did a lot more better things encouraging things instead of bitching.

Keep this thread bumped for eternity if you agree with this message.

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Congressman Ron Paul: Archives (http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul-arch.html) (Dr. Ron Paul in his own words and brilliant writings)

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we are one big family..i love my Ron Paul people

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