View Full Version : Need someone to make a "How to be a Precinct Leader" video

Heather in WI
01-07-2008, 06:35 PM
Just saw this:

2008-01-07 08:13:31 [National]: We are looking to feature a YouTube video on Grassroots Central or the Precinct Leader site to illustrate the steps in organizing your precinct for Ron Paul, a "How to be a Precinct Leader" if you will. We want to show a volunteer or a group of volunteers taking the actions needed to be a precinct leader, to demonstrate how much fun it can be to win your precinct for Dr. Paul. If you can develop this video please send the completed video to Justine (justine.lam@ronpaul2008.com) to review. Thank you!! --Justine Lam

Anyone here on this? :)