View Full Version : Forget local radio host.. think national radio host!

01-07-2008, 06:29 PM
How about a national radio host not governed by the FCC... Someone like Howard Stern perhaps...


Write to Howard (sternshow@howardstern.com).. suggest that he invite Dr. Paul to be on the show. Here is my email to him:

Regarding a comment you made about Congressman Ron Paul.

"I heard him speak and I said this guy should be getting more air time"

The campaign and all of his supporters whole-heartedly agree. You, Howard -- king of ALL MEDIA -- have the power to give that to him. Please invite Dr. Paul to be on your show.

Robin asked where are all the votes. For the most part they're yet to be cast. If you like what Dr. Paul stands for (and it's hard not to) give him your endorsement. Rally your huge audience behind his campaign and help us win a victory for Ron Paul! Sure, it goes against the common practice of giving equal time to the opposing view-points, but dammit Howard, you are the master of going against the common practices. That's what has gotten you to where you are today!

** Note for the unaware: the Fairness doctrine that dictated if you had a politician on the air equal time had to be offered to the opposing party was repealed in 1984, and the few attempts to revive it since have been unsuccessful. Additionally, the FCC does not (at least to my knowledge) have control over satellite radio as it does with terrestrial broadcasts. So even if the fairness doctrine were in place Stern wouldn't be obligated to adhere to it. (Not that he would anyway.)