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I wrote this after the Iowa Caucus and just got the guts to post it now. Please read to the end. Thank you.

The term revolution has been used in abundance over these past few months. It seems to be a hip term which brings more meaning to what people are doing than they actually intend. We talk about revolution everyday on these forums and how we are all a part of one but I believe a lot of people aren’t aware of what this actually means. A revolution is not a hobby, it’s not an idle task that we take up in the time between work and sleep so as to quash the mundaneness of everyday life. We speak of the previous revolutions that shaped the very country we live in as examples of what we are doing now. If only that was the case. For many of the people who visit these boards, they would be put to shame by the revolutionaries that we invoke to promote our cause. We speak of losing, of lost causes, and of defeat. How can we possibly hope to win when our “troops”, our fellow revolutionaries, are content to be defeated and fall under the iron hand of modern day politicians and corporations?

Don’t mistake my words for surrender either. We are certainly a part of a revolution, one that is more important than anything else we are doing with our lives. Defeat, loss, and surrender are simply not options. We are not talking about losing money donated, or some trivial privileges, we are talking about forfeiting our God given rights, bestowed upon us not by man but merely by the virtue of living. These rights, protected and outlined by our Forefathers, in some of the best known literature from American History, have been and are currently under assault from all sides. The politicians view these papers passed down to us as antiquated doctrines for a different time, and they view the rights of the individual with contempt. What Ron Paul has started is the stuff of legends. No longer are we blinded by the media or content to sit idly as we are robbed by the Government and its cronies. Dr. Paul has cured the greatest disease facing our nation today, our apathy. Long has it been the government’s policy to afford us as many comforts as it could, because so long as we rely and expect the comforts we are more hesitant and resistant to lose them. The welfare state is a perfect example of this. This comfortability is the pathogen that has infiltrated our everyday lives and stricken us with apathy. We have given up our minds to those in charge, relying on them to make decisions for us, so long as they afford us our comforts. THIS CAN STAND NO LONGER. We must question everything, and not just for the sake of questioning, but so that we can understand the laws and rules that are meant to “protect us,” and strike them down if they are meant to control or limit our freedoms.

The truth that Ron Paul speaks has only just started to clear the haze that clouds the judgment of so many Americans. His message MUST be heard by everyone so that they can understand the true meaning of freedom and liberty. This is not an optional path for the future of America, it is the only path if we hope to remain the sovereign nation that we have come to love so much. All this talk of losing and defeat serves no purpose for this revolution. Admitting that Ron Paul may lose only serves to feed those who would see us fail. Not only will he not fail, he can not fail. The truth must persevere and it has fallen to us, fellow patriots, to ensure that it does. Even if Dr. Paul is somehow thwarted by the establishment, we must not view this as a loss or an end but rather as a great success that one man could do so much to further our cause. Thanks to Ron Paul the message of freedom and liberty has spread like wildfire from East Coast to West Coast and united us as one group, with one voice who demands justice and equality for all. It is however my firm belief that we need not worry about when that day comes because the chains of oppression and apathy are far too weak to hold back the torrent that is the message of Liberty and Freedom first put to paper by our fellow patriots and brethren, the Founding Fathers. In much the same way as the original American Revolution, our revolution must not and cannot fail. Ron Paul for President in 2008.

Peace, Prosperity, Freedom and Liberty.

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very nice. thank you for sharing.

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I tried to spruce it up a bit. Btw a little bit of background, I've been on this board everyday since may when I signed up, i just never posted, and have been following basically every move Ron Paul has made since then too :) .