View Full Version : .016 % of the country has voted SO STOP FREAKING OUT NEWBIES!

01-07-2008, 05:09 PM
We are just in the early stages of this process. For those of you that are not used to this process STOP FREAKING OUT! Many people are letting the media send them into a frenzy. RELAX!!! Stay focused and don't start acting irrational.

This is the first thing they want you to do!

Stick to what got us here and stay focused and rational. This is a marathon not a race. Pace yourself! If you find yourself getting all wired up turn off the T.V. and your P.C. and go hit the streets. This in many cases will bring you back to earth and realize that people normally are 10 times more rational than the B.S. they are feeding you on the BOOB TUBE!

We were all so organized up until the results of the first primary, now I see a frenzy stirring. This is exactly what other camps want!

Calm down until atleast Feb 5th. Lets not start coming apart at the seems.

01-07-2008, 06:12 PM
Here's what has happened:
MSM knock down McCain for months
MSM invent "Huckaboom" to get ratings
MSM pull McCain back out of the hat for NH
MSM knock down Giuliani so people don't get tired of him

Here's what will happen:
MSM annihilate the Huckster for fun
MSM invent Giuliani-boom because they like him
MSM strings along Romney to fight McCain
MSM promote McCain vs Giuliani because they like Giuliani

Meanwhile Ron Paul gets some important pre-Feb 5th victory and associated attention

Neo-con vote is shattered and Ron Paul stomps all over them


Thanks for your positive post.