View Full Version : I have a song you can use

01-07-2008, 04:53 PM
Hey I have a song off of my "It's all in Black & White" CD if any of you could make a Ron Paul video with it that would be cool. The song is called Tomorrow and can be downloaded HERE (http://time2getbusy.com/music/Tomorrow.mp3)(right click and choose save)
For more information on our music visit our webpage (http://time2getbusy.com) or Soundclick (http://soundclick.com/time2getbusy)
If you make a video please send it to me before you post it also if you wish to put Tomorrow or any other of Time2getbusy music on a CD let me know and I'll give you a release paper. Just give Time2getbusy credit!!!
my email addy is jmbrewr@yahoo.com (mailto:jmbrewr@yahoo.com)