View Full Version : MLK Freedom Day & RP Free at Last Money Bomb Day

01-07-2008, 02:32 PM
Dr.Martin Luther King Freedom Celebrations


As we all know, Monday, january 21st, is annual MLK Freedom celebration day and that it is also the day thats been chosen to be the next RP money bomb, calling it the "Ron Paul Free at Last" money bomb. What an excellent opportuniy for Paulites across the nation to spread Dr. Paul's msg of freedom for America! Every city and town in the country has some sort of celebratory recognition ceremony of this day. This year here in Houston there will be one parade on Saturday, Jan. 19 & another on Monday, the 21st. They will both be attended by thousands of people who are followers of Dr. Kings efforts to bring about equality and freedom. These are the same beliefs and teachings of Dr. Paul.

Local meet-up groups should come together and contact the organizers in your commuinties to make arrangements to participate in these festivities, then use the opportunity to spread the word of Dr. Paul far and wide by marching in parades, handing out slim jims and flyers, carrying RP banners and signs, whatever we have at our disposal. Basically all of these events receive extensive coverage by all of the media, print, radio & tv plus thousand of participants and followers who are STILL seeking the freedom that Dr, King dreamed about.

If we miss this ... we miss an excellent opportunity to help Ron Paul get into the WhiteHouse.

In the name of Liberty and Freedom for All,

Go Ron Paul !