View Full Version : Fawkes News Exposed

Publius Freeman
01-07-2008, 01:57 PM
It is now becoming very clear to thinking Americans that Rupert Molech's (sp?) experimental, would-be universalist spin machine is not only biased, unfair and unbalanced, but indeed broken beyond repair.

Why do you think they named it Fox (Fawkes)?

...For those who don't know who Guy Fawkes really was (a subversive, counter-reformation terrorist), it's time to restudy history. (Nov. 5 is remembered because Fawkes' gunpowder plot was FOILED on that day, not because Fawkes was some kind of hero worthy of emulation - the guy was a radical religious extremist tool of the fallen Roman empire)...

Liberty of conscience has always been "anathema" to these people.

The sleeping giant America is waking up...

(Thanks, Fawkes, for your latest blunder - we'll never forget it).

Having wasted all the time I can spare on these nimrods,

I remain,
faithfully yours,
Publius Freeman

Ron Paul, and the American People, will win in 2008.