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01-07-2008, 12:53 PM
Ideally, most Ron Paul supporters are, foremost, supporters of his underlying philosophy of liberty and adherence to the US Constitution rather than simply being admirers of the man or of one or another of his issue positions. My personal dream, my definition of "victory" I guess you could say, has long been to see a critical mass of like minded people get - and stay - organized enough to create a tipping point in US society regarding how people think about government. Even if Ron Paul were to be elected, that would only be the winning of a one battle, with MOST of the rEVOLution still ahead.

Even as we keep our efforts strongly focussed on Ron Paul winning the primaries, and then the election, it is time to begin planning for the long term. There are many aspects to a viable, long term strategy, but all of them require keeping clear and cogent what we stand for and determining to keep in communication and act in coordination. The status quo of US politics and social control is clearly founded on the presupposition that the vast majority of Americans can be considered as mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed B.S. Those who might disagree with the march of corporatism and elitism can be *safely* disregarded as long as they can be kept ignorant of the facts and logic. Those who are concomitantly conscious of the facts, able to exercise logic, and opposed to the "Master Plan" can be safely managed as long as they can be kept muzzled; they can be kept muzzled as long as they can be isolated or confused.

Hopefully the majority of those who are backing Paul now and, in particular, frequenting sites such as this, are signed on for the long haul. Hopefully the Ron Paul promoting sites are beginning to consider plans for carrying on the campaign beyond this fall's election. Win or lose the election, we can win the campaign and win victory if we stay organized and keep clear about the real outcome - the outcome beyond "simply" getting Ron Paul elected.

As part of this sort of strategic thinking, I would like to point out that attacking Fox, specifically, for the flagrant railroading of the election which is being systematically foisted by Fox, is probably a waste of time and, quite certainly, is something which was strategically considered by the HEAD of that organization long ago and planned for with chess-like detail. In other words, the notoriety Fox is receiving for treating Ron Paul as it is treating Ron Paul was long ago determined to be either (a) a pawn thrown to strategically enable a broader campaign or (b) a trap to actually increase the power and income of Newscorp itself - and, ultimately, Murdoch the owner.

http://www.ketupa.net/murdoch1.htm lists Murdoch's wide web of media holdings - although it already appears incomplete or out of date, as it doesn't appear to list "The Wall Street Journal" under newspapers nor "MySpace" under technology.

Murdoch, the ultimate head of Fox and the ultimate responsible party behind the efforts to use Fox to damage Ron Paul's chances to get his message out, probably sits smirking at our unorganized and strategically low IQ protests and talk of shorting newscorp stock or boycotting sponsors of that network. He has his eye on higher level outcomes while most of us are oblivious to how to really damage him.

Murdoch, for those of you who do not know, is NOT an American. Oh, yeah, he currently holds a US citizenship, but he ONLY acquired that about a decade ago in order to skirt US laws restricting his plans to dominate our media. He holds no allegiance to this country and certainly not to our Constitution and founding philosophy - he is here to bleed us of money in order to enrich himself and further his own world-wide plans. He KNOWS the Fox News has established itself, to a considerable extent, as The National Enquirer of the airwaves. Indeed, he is quite well versed on how to make money from trashy news:

How do we effectively respond to such a strategy, as we must, in order to win our freedom and the deliverance of rule of law under our Constitution?

We must organize to target the head of the hydra and really hurt him where it hurts - by becoming aware of ALL Murdoch holdings, especially those which are currently deemed respectable, and systematically boycotting and disparaging them all! We must begin this sort of action - and maintain it for as long as necessary in spite of any personal inconvenience - until Murdoch recognizes his Fox actions as not a clever maneuver at all ... but a horrible and extremely expensive mistake.

Do YOU read - or have influence over any group which currently reads or supports - The Wall Street Journal?

Do YOU hang out on - or have influence in any group which utilizes or supports - MySpace?

Murdoch OWNS both - along with dozens upon dozens of other media holdings you are likely financially and energetically supporting at this time. Do you understand why he is quite willing to insult us n Fox? He knows, or believes, we are too morally and intellectually weak to really hurt him where it counts - in the big picture.

What shall we do about that? What will YOU do about that? Will you remember what MURDOCH has done to Paul and to you and to your country ... will you remain a compliant consumer?


We could, and should, organize for a "world war" against Statism / Corporatism which will take decades or longer to to systematically execute to victory. This was OUR country. THEY - our philosophical enemies - stealthily infiltrated it and subverted our Constitution. Taking our country back and reestablishing our Constitution and philosophy of freedom requires vision, wisdom, understanding, and perseverance.

THAT is the big picture of the rEVOLution. Are you up for it? Will we out-plan and out-organize and out-last our moral - and MORTAL - enemies? Be clear about something: Unless you are okay living in a petting zoo, there is no place for people such as you and I, Jefferson and Doctor Paul, in the nightmare dystopia of worldwide totalitarianism/fascism being arranged for us.

Stand up or lie down. This is no ordinary Presidential election. THEY think they win if they can only keep the Presidency. They need to be taught otherwise.

01-07-2008, 12:55 PM
NO -- Target FOX.