View Full Version : 4 party election?

01-06-2008, 11:54 PM
You know, I'm sure someone has thought of the posibility of this happening, but it really could. What you ask? Well, I 4 way presidental election, with viable candidates. I am commited to Paul winning the Republican nomination, but we must have backup plans, and contingencies. Let's say it fell out like this. Hillary wins the Dem nomination, Romney the GOP, Bloomberg throws his millions in a 3rd party run, and Ron goes ahead and keeps the Revolution going in a 4th party bid. This would be unbelievable. This would split the electorial votes 4 ways, and allow for a more fair election. In this situation, I believe Ron would have a very strong position for winning. When you just have 3 parties running, as with Ross Parott, it is easy for the GOP, and Dems to take a majority of the votes. But, if you truely had four viable candidates, it would split things, I think, in a much fairer way. I'm just saying, and I may be wrong, that nothing is going to stop this Ron Paul train.