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01-06-2008, 10:45 PM
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My comment:

As a Canadian and outside observer I was privledge enough to watch both the forum and the Doctor’s one hour special; and you know whom I am speaking of. To be perfectly honest I beleive all the canidates are very well spoken, great at navigating the issues and all seem like they could be the next president. However, you folks south of the border better wake up and stop looking at this very serious matter like some sort of reality TV game show. Its not a matter of who COULD be the next president but a matter of who SHOULD be the next president. Have you all lost your sense of reason or has that been regulated out of your education system already. We all know who WON tonight. His absence was deafening.

Thank You
Gatlin C. Smeijers

PS. Love the signs behind Mr. Luntz.