View Full Version : Topic of Dr. Ron Paul in Social Settings

01-06-2008, 01:49 PM
We can know that some people know us and know that we are in favor of Dr. Ron Paul. We don't have to be evangelic about it. For those that know our intentions we just return to our lives around them. They see you for who you are and the other things that make up you and your relationship. And when the topic of our upcoming elections and voice as an American Republic comes into consciousness, our example stands by behavior and action. And can not be judged for rhetoric.

For other moments, cab rides, shop visits, conversations in appropriate settings that is, for those moments we can start with knowing how we feel about it. We feel good about it. We know this is happening and we are doing this. That in itself is confidence. And more often than not someone else will bring it up. It is something of interest to us all. Most people are awake for this. Some may not wish to vote. Most will. Some won't. Each supporter of Dr. Ron Paul will vote. So chances are it will come up. Because some people haven't heard of him. It came up the other day in a cab ride to a friend's. It came up and he liked McCain and he asked me later who I liked and he said "Who's that?". He didn't know. We talked. So it'll come up. I like an America that we know we have a right to. We have a right to be happy and be cheerful about it and that is a decent beginning.


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