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01-06-2008, 10:02 AM
Someone posted a beatiful rant about "Ron Paul supporters" who are not out there helping on one of the meetup groups this morning and I posted it on my blog HERE (http://www.itsmynet.info/GARKO.blog/?p=1252)

I also want to bring up a point just amongst us.
Not sympathisizing with those that are not helping.
More giving them more of a reason to get out and help.

Many people who don't come out and help are failing to do so because they fail to recognize their own impact.
They might say.... well, it's just me... they can do without me... or some such.

But realize that when a congressman receives a letter he equates that letter to 13,000 other constituents who have the same thought but didn't bother to write.

So that is just the action of writing a letter.

What about getting your ass out there and actually DOING something? That has to be worth many more than 13,000.
Get my point?

By coming out and doing something an individual is representing many more people than just one, in fact, 10s of 1000s.

So that means that 50 people coming out for activist participation is pretty huge. It can be equated to 100s of 1000s.
But what if 2X or 3X that number came out?

That is the something for each of us to consider in all of our actions for the next month or so and forward into the future.

01-06-2008, 11:47 AM
We have to remember that we are all individuals. Some of us want to get out there and others are best online, writing letters and commenting on articles etc.

We are now a big movement and to be effective we should all do what we do best.

I agree that the most effective thing to do in general is to talk to people, out there.

This movement reminds me of a school of fish - we all seem to be going in the same direction and when we change direction we all follow. Like the FOX debate. It is great that we make such a noice about this but we must also do so many other things well at the same time.

For those who prefer writing letters and comments I have set up the site below.

Important: We need to give much more positive feedback to newspapers and journalists who write positive things about Ron Paul. The site below is made for that!

If you like to help online - check out the "I want to help" section. If you find an article about Ron Paul add the link, so we can all let them now that we are normal people who care!