View Full Version : Signs in Michigan

01-06-2008, 01:09 AM
Its sad that we have been waiting for signs in the Capitol city of Michigan for as long as we have. I saw people saying the Detroit office had thousands. I called and was told they were there but not for my county.. What the hell is going on?? We are all supporting the same man right? Its very hard to be productive in this when you get the cold shoulder from the people who are supposed to be organizing this. Sorry but East Lansing is in my back yard..1000's of YOUNG people there that might agree with Dr. Pauls views, MSU!!! But I was told I could not go pick up some signs.. It is hard enough trying to spead the word, so I stood on a bridge today with my little sign that I have and did what I could. We need to get this together we are all supposed to be one team. If there are signs in the Detroit office they are not doing any good sitting there. It should not really matter where they are as long as they are being seen....If anyone has signs please let me know I will come get them and give them to our area cordinator so they can be dispersed to all of us over here waiting......