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01-06-2008, 12:49 AM
This may seem like a weird idea if you are not from SC. Trust me. It is not. Barbecue restaurants are right up there with churches in terms of importance. Often these restaurants will openly support a candidate.

Contact them with Ron Paul info:

Also, if you are from SC please add other contacts I may have missed. This should be a long thread if we are doing it right.

Good luck.

Pink Pig
Hwy 170 A
Levy, SC

Maurice Bessinger's
Maurice's Gourmet Barbeque
P.O. Box 6847
West Columbia, SC 29170

Farm Boy's Barbecue
Address: 1250 Chapin Rd. (U.S. Hwy. 76)
City: Chapin
State: SC
Phone: 803.345.7600

Name: Porky D's Bar B Que
Address: 675 Two Notch Road
City: Lexington
State: SC
Phone: 803.359.5556

Name: Country Side Bar-B-Que
Address: Highway 6
City: Swansea
State: SC
Phone: 803.568.3385

Name: Rogers BBQ
Address: 2nd Loop Road
City: Florence
State: SC

Name: Sweatmans
Address: US 15 & US 178
City: St. George
State: S.C.
Phone: (843) 563-7574

ame: Shealey's BBQ
Address: 340 E Columbia Ave
City: Batesburg-Leesville
State: SC
Phone: 803-532-8135

Stanton's Barbecue
2828 Stanton Road
Bennettsville, SC
(803) 265-4855

Bobby's Barbecue
Aiken-Augusta Hwy
Graniteville, SC

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