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01-06-2008, 12:24 AM
New Fundraising Technique & Great Idea for further creations!

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters & Ron Paul Fans,
I found the following Ron Paul presidential effort website today, I've included the explanation of the ron paul toolbar purpose below.

This website should open up the minds of all supporters on ways we can setup similar applications or actual activities of using our efforts to generate additional funding for the campaign, without having to just dip out of our own pockets....because as we all no, the middle class and below in this country are being financially raped and pillaged more everyday by our government and corporations.

http://www.ronpaultoolbar.com/images/rptoolbar.gif (http://www.ronpaultoolbar.com/cgi-bin/myapp/app.cgi?refid=82)

http://www.ronpaultoolbar.com/images/banner4.gif (http://www.ronpaultoolbar.com/cgi-bin/myapp/app.cgi?refid=82)

Here's how this works...

Download the toolbar. It is free. Then every time you use the Ron Paul Toolbar to do a web search, you donate money! Better, you have a voice in deciding which of the burgeoning Ron Paul Revolution efforts your donation will benefit.
Just Contact Us (http://ronpaultoolbar.com/cgi-bin/myapp/app.cgi?Contact) to nominate your favorite Revolution effort.
This way you can get the Blimp airborne, the Granny Warriors on the road, or Operation Live Free or Die to their next state. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
The Referrals will add up. If 100,000 of us download the tool bar and use it just once a day, we could give $300,000 per month to fund the Ron Paul Revolution! Anyone from any country with a computer can support their favorite Revolution Cause!
And the top ten Referrers who accumulate the most money every month, will be able to decide where 50% of the money goes and which Revolution efforts benefit.
You can track your own contributions, if you want. Here is how you do that
Tracking my contribution.
Click on 'Create Account' to get a referral link. Creating you account gives you access to banner codes and text links to put on your website, blog, or give to fellow Ron Paul supporters to track your contribution.
Where the money can't go.
Because of election laws, we cannot donate the money directly to the Ron Paul campaign, but the Revolution will get a rain of cash limited only by how much we use the Internet. That is a good idea in a lot of ways.
Many great Revolution efforts face tough financial hurdles. This helps them do the work we all want to see done. And you can vote and decide where the money is spend each month. That will be exciting to watch, too.
Now you know how this works. Here is what you need to do next. That is simple.

Download the Ron Paul Tool Bar (RIGHT NOW) on all your computers and start searching with the Tool Bar daily!
Vote for projects that you are passionate about. (give us feedback on listing your favorite project)
SPREAD THE WORD! Tell fellow friends and family about the Ron Paul Toolbar & the Ron Paul Revolution!_______________________________________ _________________

Are any of the ron paul supporter websites that have banners/ads on them, setup to generate money from any clicks on those banners, ....if so, anyone know if that money is being used to donate to the Ron Paul efforts or to the site itself?

In my opinion the only real way we can revolutionize this country and restore the republic is if we outright re-educate Americans. We as Americans are being bombarded by marketing constantly, everywhere. Lets take what they use to desensitize us and use it on them/the rest of America, by re-educating America about the truth behind our government, our media, the corporations and banks funding all of them.

Next time you're driving around, look at every way you are marketed to, even the slightly subliminal type, ..and think about ways the ron paul grassroots supporters could combat the inundation we are distracted by in every day life.

Freedom is not given, it's taken.

In Liberty & Peace,
~ md3inaustin :rolleyes:

01-06-2008, 02:01 PM
you should put your referral link in there so it keeps track of everyone you referred md3inaustin.

If you get into the top 10 referrers you get a vote with 9 others to say where 50% of the money raised for the month goes.