View Full Version : This has to be RP's response next time Rudy says we're attacked b/c we're rich&free

01-05-2008, 11:46 PM
"Mr. Giuliani, if you hadn't been kicked off the 9/11 Commission because of your poor attendance, you'd know that the 9/11 Commission report cites 'blowback' from our foreign policy as a reason that we got attacked. My idea that we got attacked because we were occupying what is considered sacred ground in Saudia Arabia seems controversial, so allow me to explain why I believe it. I believe that, because THAT'S WHAT OUR ATTACKERS SAID IS THE REASON THEY ATTACKED US."

I was glad he finally asked why Canada and the Netherlands didn't get attacked for their freedoms, but he should really take them to town on this retarded idea that we're getting attacked because we're rich and free.

Sorry to be an armchair debater, but I feel he should make an even bigger scene than he did when Giuliani spouts such lunacy. His original fight with Giuliani was got me interested in him.

01-05-2008, 11:49 PM
Actually his Canada and Swiss argument was dismissed effectively on the ground that United States of America is the best place in the world and everyone is jealous and everyone wants to kill Americans because they are rich. Yeah, typical Neo-con argument, but it was dismissed by group clap of 5 opponents.