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01-05-2008, 10:56 PM
I think were all to analytical, all too involved, all too impatient, and all to wound up.

We don't need 100 million posts about the same topics.

People say a lot of things they hated about this or that concerning a Ron Paul add, or comment on a debate. They think each sentence can destroy him with an imaginary nuclear bomb.
Then when media doesn't give him coverage all the time its a huge deal and we instantly have the answers. NEO cons, communist, NWO, some type of industrial complex, or hidden agenda. This is probaly true most of the time. But I hear everyone crying WOLF WOLF WOLF! That takes away from the real problem like Ron Paul not being included into the Fox debate.

We watched the Iowa Caucase and it was like the frickin comic Superman : DOOMS DAY when he dies. Look, superman (Dr. Paul) is not dead. The comic book continues and superman lives so give him a super break.

It is great we have instant support and mass cordination. You know every single candidate up there is jealous of Ron Paul. They are so jealous of us, and our grass roots campaign. They will not admit it but they are. Most it seems have started adopting Ron Paul's message. Anytime he brings up the constitution they shut up, they don't know how to respond cause it will make them look inferior. They don't come out and say stuff about the Paul grassroots because it makes them look weak.

It is hilarious to see Ron Paul supporters at other presidential campaigns. It takes away some of their enthusiasim. They do feel defeated when all they hear about is this grass roots campaign. This is unheard of, and then he raises 20million.

Holly crap, you can bet these politicians are sitting back with a blank stare on their faces.
We know why Huck won Iowa, because of the strong religion. We know we shot past our expectations there. We didn't meet your expectations? Well than your setting them too high, its a good thing if you treat it right.
We know why Paul lost Wyoming.

This is the beginning and no one knows what the hell is going to happen.

We've got about 300,000$ in donations built into the Paul campaign so far this Quarter. We've got a blimp, we've had people that walked the country from Ocean to Ocean, over 200 websites, and probably more blogs. So many meet ups, lets not get started on myspace, facebook. Ron Paul is possibly the most youtubed thing / person ever, and the fastest to do it. We've had people ride bikes from Ocean to Ocean. We've had huge money bombs, set records and forced Main Stream to take notice.
And you're ready to throw your towel in? You're ready to start hollaring we lost? By any realistic standards before we knew about Paul and were asked if we could even get this far would you have done it? Would you have believed it? Yes, and you probably didn't believe it but wanted to make it happen. This is a victory for us, the message, Paul, and the constitution.

Ron Paul is an internet celebrity, phenomenon.

We have the best support out there it is time right now this instant to put it to use. The current buzz going around is you need to tell at least 10 people to donate money to Ron Paul immediately. Any amount they can easily afford and tell them to tell 10 more people.

I'm not joking, we need this money, we need this sacrifice. Don't be the little train that couldn't. Don't be the 'almost did' person. 'Almost' isn't good enough. Doing is what we are known for. Walking the walk and talking our talk.

Will you donate to Paul and tell 10 others to? We don't need a website to tell us when to donate. Lets do it now, and make our own record. Tell every damn website, blog, person you know about Paul and to donate NOW.

01-05-2008, 11:00 PM
Current total 276,619.51
I donated 10$

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01-05-2008, 11:02 PM
RON PAUL KICKED ASS IN THE DEBATE!!! The look on freds face was priceless when Ron was discussing monetary policy.

Um.... Um let me think about this.... Um so your saying Um.....

01-05-2008, 11:10 PM
People are already donating, and its spreading like wild fire. Don't stop the chain!
Tell 10 others to donate immediately.

01-06-2008, 12:10 AM