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01-05-2008, 10:24 PM
Ads 4 Ron Paul is officially up and running and needs your help.



1. Need donations for the ads to run in Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida

2. Any meetup groups in these states please use this site for a resource of funds for advertising in your area. I want to create a pool all local meetup groups can go to to gather money and run ads in their states. It would make more sense to do it this way because they live there and they know what is popular.

3. Need more ads to be created A.S.A.P. Currently we have four ads we could use. If anyone had any other ads feel free to post them here.

4. Get the word out we have deadlines for all of these states. We need the ads to start running as soon as possible!
Michigan Deadline: 1/15 - 2 Tuesdays from now
South Carolina/ Nevada Deadline: 1/19 - 2 Saturdays from now
Florida Deadline: 4 Tuesdays from now

The plan is to have the ads to run on a constant basis, almost daily right up to election day. Thank you guys for taking the time to help!